Sports Utility Vehicles: Things to Know Before Buying

If you are not yet decided on what vehicle to buy, you must be in a confusing situation. Deciding on an SUV can be much easier as it is known as an all-purpose vehicle that can serve many purposes. And why not, the SUV is the most preferred choice of many since gaining popularity in the early 1990s. Until today, SUVs have a lion share of car sales with over 36% of the passenger car market worldwide.

SUVs or sport utility vehicles are truck-based using body-on-frame design which means that frame and body are constructed separately and later joined. This can spell out power and versatility. But other than that, you should go over SUV reviews, particularly Toyota RAV4 reviews, to know more about SUVs including the following.


Sports utility vehicles have a lot of space. This can be make it more comfortable passengers during long trips as there is more space to stretch and a lot of headroom also. On rougher roads, SUVs should offer the best comfort than any other vehicle. While SUVs are not really known to give the best comfort in city roads, the newest brands have made amends on this department.


Sport utility vehicles built to power to traverse dirty and unpaved roads. An SUV can be the best option when traveling to the great outdoors. It has an all-wheel drive that gives greater off-road capability. The most modern SUVs have more flexibility whether on rough or on well-paved roads of the city. They are also very efficient when used in towing.

Ease of Repair

Sport utility vehicles are easier to repair than other vehicles like crossovers. This is because of the truck-based method of construction and body-on-frame design. This means that repair is less costly.


It is often said that SUVs are not very safe. But that cannot be said of the newer brands of SUVs as advance safety features are now in place. If all vehicles are well-maintained and you drive with all precautions, there can be no way SUVs are not safe.

Fuel Efficiency

Before buying a sports utility vehicle, you should have considered the expenses you will be incurring on gas. You should have included maintenance cost. It is widely known that SUVs are not the best in fuel efficiency. You should be prepared for increased fuel cost when decided to buy a more powerful car like an SUV.

While these can be the general characteristics of SUVs, all brands are not created the same. Take for example their designs. Some are more elegant than the others.

Most Important Car Safety Features

Cars are some of the most valuable and useful assets that we own because they facilitate our movements. However, they are also some of the riskiest possessions because of the possible accidents they can cause. Fortunately, car manufacturers have tried to make cars safer by adding some safety features into the car. Moreover, some premium cars like BMW have more advanced safety features. You can find more information about BMW cars and their unique features by visiting BMWUX.

Below are some of the most critical safety features in cars:

Adaptive Headlights 

Headlights are crucial for improving vision after sunset, but adaptive headlights go beyond improving visibility. These lights use sensors to assess the car’s elevation and then illuminates the road more effectively. At the same time, the adaptive lights reduce glare for oncoming vehicles. This feature is a very useful safety enhancement due to improving visibility for the driver and making it easier for the other drivers to see your car.


airbagsWhile some safety features help prevent accidents before they happen, airbags are crucial because they reduce the impact of an accident on the occupants. When the vehicle is involved in a crash, the airbags deploy and cushion both the driver and the passengers from major impact points, for example, the dash, steering wheel, and the sides of the car. It would also be useful when shopping for a vehicle to confirm that the airbags have not been recalled. It is also vital you check for any safety features that will turn off the airbags if a child is sitting on the front seat. This is because airbags pose some potential risks when children are not sitting on the back seats.

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

More and more drivers are looking out for this feature when buying a new car due to its usefulness in preventing crashes. The AEB detects a head-on collision with another vehicle before it happens and stops it in time. The system alerts the driver first to take preventive action, but if they do not act fast enough, the AEB could automatically brake to avoid the collision or reduce the crash’s severity. However, some drivers complain that the system is overly sensitive to some rival car brands.

Other features that enhance a vehicle’s safety include anti-lock brakes. This ensures the wheels do not automatically lock after hitting the brakes quickly. Locked wheels can make the car slip on a slippery road rendering it impossible to steer.

Things to Consider When Buying a Used Car

The number of car owners keep growing as the years go by. When it comes to car shopping, many people resort to buying used cars. Getting a used car is an excellent way of saving money, as long as you know how to find a good deal. Your car shopping venture doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Below are some pointers that should help steer you in the right direction.

Plan Your Budget

carThe first step before embarking on a purchase is to ensure that you have the right budget. When planning your finances, remember to include license fees and taxes. Without a sending guide, it is easy for a customer to spend more money than they should. Avoid making a purchase that will leave you in a payment situation.

Know Your Needs

Why do I want a car? This question helps you determine whether the potential purchase is worthwhile. If you only seek an automobile for locomotion, consider the number of passengers you expect to carry on average. Make sure that you know your needs before seeking a vehicle. For instance, if you have a large family, consider getting a minivan or SUV to accommodate everybody. Also, examine your favorite activities, pets, vehicle feature preferences, and configuration.

Seek Reputable Dealers

VehicleAsk for recommendations from a mechanic or loved ones. Additionally, you can take advantage of the internet and search for a used car dealer online. However, when handling online suggestions, kindly make an effort to analyze them until you find one who is worth trusting.

Doing background research on a dealer will help you know what to expect and the quality of their services and products.

Request a Test Drive

After identifying potential automobiles, take them for a test drive. A test drive is one of the best ways to determine if the car suits your preferences and know what to expect when using it. When changing car models, always ask to test drive to get a feel of the ride. When you want to seal the deal confidently on the car you desire, practicing negotiation skills in advance goes a long way.

With the proper tips finding a used car dealer is fast and safe. Ensure that you have your purchase in contract to keep everything legal and avoid likely nuisances after purchase.

Facts to Know About Radar and Laser Jammers for Cars

Have you ever been ticketed because you were speeding? Getting a speeding ticket is usually quite frustrating and costs you money.

Radar Detector

A radar detector refers to a passive electronic device that is used to detect whether there is a radar gun directed to the vehicle or in the area. The radar detector can then alert you and allow you to reduce your driving speed on time before the police get a chance to give you a speeding ticket.

Laser Jammer

In some cases, a laser speed trap can be used to measure your driving speed. For that, you need to have a laser jammer if you want to avoid a speed ticket. A laser gun usually works by pointing a laser beam to a reflective surface. A laser jammer works by analyzing the laser signal received and confusing the source. The source device will then indicate a miss-aim or non-read response to the operator.

Note that with both a laser jammer and radar detector, you may end up getting into a confrontation with the police if they find out that you are using them if they are illegal in your state. A few facts to know about radar detectors and car jammers for cars are highlighted below.

Radar Detectors Cannot Jam a Radar Gun

 It is up to you, the driver, to regulate driving speed on time before the officer pings your car. With laser jammers, however, you do not have to worry much about adjusting your speed.radar detector

Radar Detectors Are Legal in Most Places

The question of the legality of a radar detector is quite common. A majority of people tend to think that it is illegal everywhere, probably because of how they can be used. Contrary to what people believe, radar detectors are legal in many states. Quick research should tell you whether it is legal where you stay.

Radar Detector and Speed Jammers Are Unaffected by Weather

The two devices work the same way irrespective of the weather conditions. That does not mean that you should be worried about getting a ticket because of a change in weather conditions. However, you should not be speeding in lousy weather as the road conditions will not be ideal.

Important Factors to Consider when Leasing a Car

The decision to lease a car is a big one. This is because you have to ensure that you negotiate the best loan rates. There are a lot of things that you need to consider before you lease a car. However, we have perused through several publications to come up with the most important factors that need your attention before you finally lease that car that you have always wanted to drive.

Type of Car

It is important that you decide on what type of car you would like to lease. Do you need a bigger vehicle that can accommodate your growing family? Do you want a car with a great gas capacity for your long road trip? Or do you just need a truck to run your business? Once you answer these questions, you will realize that your list will be narrowed down to only a few options. You can now easily choose.

Financial Situation

Another factor that you need to look at is your financial situation. You should analyze your recent spending behavior. Doing this is important because it will help you to determine how much money you can afford to pay as down payment. You will also know how much money you will be able to pay every month comfortably.

Analyze Your Savings

Assessing your savings will inform you of how much you can save as a down payment. You should know that if you pay a larger down payment, you will owe your car leasing company less money. You will, therefore, pay less interest. If you pay your dealer more money as a down payment, they are likely to offer you a better deal for your lease terms.

Research Your Loan Options

A good option you can take is to seek prequalification from your bank for a loan before you go to your dealership. This is because you can use this option to bargain when you are negotiating with your dealer. You can compare all the terms and go for one that you are financially comfortable with. You can also consider going to credit unions.

Read the Fine Prints

You should never assume that your creditor has your best interests in consideration. Before you sign the contract, read it entirely. This helps you to know the full amount that you will be required to pay. Keep in mind that if you choose a longer timeline, you will pay more as compared to a shorter timeline.

Auto Insights: Various Repair Services Your Car May Require

Owning a vehicle is a great thing for most people since they get all the convenience they need. However, cars usually have some repair and maintenance needs at one time or another. An accident may occur to you at the time when you least expect it and send your car to the garage for major bodyworks. Or even a minor crash that led to the loss of your windscreen. As a car owner, you need to know the common repair services that your car may require at one time or another. Check them here below.

Glass Replacement and Repairs

VehicleAll vehicles have glass in some part, with windscreen and side mirrors being obvious. All types of glass are fragile to some level and can break when exposed to sudden pressure. Accidents and stones are the leading causes of the need for glass replacement and repairs for most vehicles. When choosing your car glass replacement experts, it is crucial to check their reputation and make sure that they are the best. For instance, auto glass replacement company in Phoenix is known by all people to be the best in town. They will give your car professional glass replacement to look like the factory installation.

Regular vehicle servicing

After using the vehicle for some months or distance, it is recommended that a mechanic does a thorough check and replace some parts. A normal servicing includes changing the oil, filters, spark plugs and other parts as required. The mechanic will also advise the owner of any other part of the car that may need repair or replacement. It is crucial that vehicle owners use one mechanic throughout since they understand the car better.

Bodywork and repainting

People seek these services when their vehicles are involved in an accident. In most cases, the insurance will cater for the cost. Therefore, you need to choose the best repair shop in town for excellent work. Some experts will return your vehicle to showroom status while cheap downtown mechanics will leave it looking worse. If you are not sure about the services, an expert will offer you, be sure to do some research and you will understand more.

Wheel alignment and servicing

Vehicle wheelsWhat most people do not know is that wheels are the most crucial parts of a car. They enable the movement and bear all the weight of the vehicle. Due to friction on the road, the rubber is bound to wear and tear. They also lose alignment due to the roughness of the road. Wheel alignment is recommended after every few months of vehicle use. When it comes to tires, they must regularly be inspected by professionals so that you can avoid any accidents or inconveniences in the future.

Vehicle interior detailing and repairs

Most people focus on the outer part and the engine of the vehicle forgetting the interior. This is your comfort hub as you enjoy your ride. All users of the vehicle should enjoy it. This calls for proper maintenance of the leather or fabric seats including replacing the covers when they get torn. Professional car interior detailers will give it a decent service whenever you need one.

With the above information, any vehicle owner will not only enjoy it but will also prolong the lifespan of the machine. Most importantly, they will enhance the safety provided by their car through these auto repairs.