Common Types of Car Floor Mats

car with rubber matsYour car’s floor faces all manner of challenges. Whether it is mud, snacks, and spilled drinks, your car’s upholstery often faces all sorts of stubborn stains. For this reason, getting a mat for your vehicle is key to helping it endure the wear and tear your floor is subjected to all day. Car floor mats also keep all the debris intact, instead of having them scattered all over.

You are likely to be spoilt for choices when shopping for a car floor mat. Here are some common types of car floor mats.

All-Weather Floor Mats

These mats, as the name suggests, are designed to withstand different conditions. There are mostly made of rubber and synthetic materials. The individual properties exhibited by rubber and most synthetic materials make them highly suited to high traffic areas. It is relatively easy to remove the car floor mat for regular cleaning. And if you need to have it cleaned, you can easily scrub the dirt away or wash it to have it clean.

Carpet Car Floor Mats

Dirt and moisture are often a massive concern among car owners. Fortunately, carpet mats are effective at trapping dust and debris. As such, this property helps in ensuring that these unwanted elements do not spread to other parts of the car. This, in turn, makes it easy to clean the car, as most of the unwanted elements will be trapped within the carpet’s fibers.

3D Car Floor Mats

These car floor mats are known for their distinctive premium look. As such, installing them in your car interior will undoubtedly give it an instant facelift. 3D mats, however, have a broad fit that allows them to carry debris in your feet without making you feel uncomfortable. 3D floor mats have a superior ability to trap debris. They thus need regular cleaning compared to other rugs.

Custom Car Floor Mats

If you need something that is specifically designed to cater to your specific needs, get a custom floor mat. However, you should be ready to pay top dollar for a custom car floor mat. Icustom carpet mats

The key to choosing the best mat lies in understanding some specific features that are important to you. Of course, you also need to do your homework for you to choose the best from these overwhelming options. But the best option, which is relatively expensive, is to go for a custom car floor mat.